All about a Mortgage loan


Own roof over my head is a dream for many. Real estate value is sky rocketing day by day. A home is always the largest single investment someone can make in his life time. Affordability for lower and middle class is always a distant reality. Mortgage loans are the solution for millions of such people in the world.


Mortgage loan has been around for a long time. The core concepts have not been changed much. The mortgage loan rules and regulations depend on the country of individuals applying from.

Is renting is better than buying? How to choose a good mortgage loan? Where and How to calculate monthly payment options? Where can I find a mortgage lender? How to choose the best lenders? When is the best time to buy a home? These are the questions millions looking for answers.


Before making the big decision to own a home, it’s very important to analyse whether it’s a wise one. The mortgage calculator is an excellent evaluation tool. These calculators compare the current/probable rent situation with the projected monthly mortgage repayment numbers. Compare different mortgage loans offered by different lenders helps to close on the suitable options.


In many cases buying is better than renting is simply because of the appreciation and equity. More than any other reason to buy a home is ‘You want to own one’ is an honest attempt to answer many of these questions


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